LINK: How About Some Magic for the Holidays

Dayton Daily News, Dec 11, 1916, page 4

Traveling back 101 years this week to December 1916 in Dayton Ohio, Houdini was one of three performers competing for viewers.

Dayton Daily News, Dec 10, 1916, page 8

Below is a link to a 2016 Dayton News Archive article by Bill Stolz about families seeing a performance during the holidays which has some nice references to Houdini performance at B.F. Keith’s Theatre in 1916.

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S ! ! !


Back to Work on Dec 4th

I am back to work on Dec 4th after a vacation that wasn’t long enough.

In 1911, Houdini also returned to work on Dec 4th after a vacation that wasn’t long enough:

“I…am confined to my bed with strict instructions not to move,” he wrote Goldston on November 20, “So I am taking a vacation laying on the broad of back and doing some thinking. I have cancelled a number of weeks, but I will be able to go to work as the hemmorrage [sic] has already stopped, but must give the broken vessel [that burst early in Nov during one of his escapes in Detroit] a chance to heal.”

By November 30, Houdini was walking around. “I am allowed to go to work next week, under the condition that I do not do any strait jackets for several months,” he wrote Dr. Waitt. [Source: The Secret Life of Houdini p269; Image: Collection of Joseph Hanosek]

On Dec 4th, Houdini opened in Columbus, Ohio at the B.F. Keith’s Theatre.