Original Theme Music from The Grim Game

In 2015, TCM aired the restoration of The Grim Game on October 18th.

The first airing at 8:00 PM (ET) was the new Brane Zivkovic musical ensemble score.

The second airing at 11:45 PM (ET) was the new Steve Sterner piano score (which included a Main theme, Love theme, Villain theme and Servant theme).

Steve Sterner The Grim Game Main theme Copyright 2015 Steve Sterner All Rights Reserved

Well what was the music like in 1919?  Below is the Musical Synopsis from the 1919 Press Book for “The Grim Game”.

Unfortunately, a recording of this music played on the piano does not currently exist. That said, I was able to track down the original 1911 sheet music, Premier Amour, by Andre Benoist that was used as the theme for The Grim Game in 1919:


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    • It would be great to have a professional pianist, Champion Ragtime Performer of the World, professional magician, and consultant for David Copperfield record it. I will ask him next time I see him, lol.

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