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  1. Can you please clarify from your post on July 22, 2012 giving a reference from the Dec 6, 1919 issue of The Movie Picture World. I think the magazine title is The Moving Picture World. Do you know what page number this plot synopsis is on?

    • Hi Arthur!
      You are correct, the magazine title is The Moving Picture World. I have updated the post. I do not know the page number; I was only able to find images for The Moving Picture World up to June 1919; The next time I am at the Margaret Herrick Library, I will check.

  2. One cast member of the Grim Game was an actor named Ed Martin, who portrayed a character simply known as the Police Reporter. It is hard to judge if he is present in any of the stills you have posted. Have you made any headway in identifying all of the actors in the still from the Grim Game? I have reason to believe that the actor “Ed Martin” was Edward H. Martin, a graduate of the West Point Class of 1898; my goal is to get a picture of him acting in the movie.

    • Hi Paul!
      Your comment has me very intrigued. If he is in one of the Grim Game stills, I would have a copy of it. However, I have not identified him in any as of yet. I would love to help you identify him. The problem is, I don’t know what he looked like; do you have any picture of him that I could use as a clue. It looks like your Edward H. Martin was born July 2, 1874 the same year Houdini was born, which would make him around 45 years old during the making of the Grim Game. If I do identify him in one of the stills, I will definitely blog about it.

  3. Hi, Joe,

    I’ve located a full set of scripts for “I Was There,” but there is no Bess Houdini appearance in October 1942 (nor anything else related to Houdini or Russia). Also checked October 1941. Could it be some other date? Any other scrap of info that might be pertinent?

    David Saltman

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