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Welcome to my Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence blog site.

How did this site get its name?

  • “Circumstantial Evidence” was an alternate title that was suggested at one point for Harry Houdini’s movie: “The Grim Game”
  • Sounded like a really cool name for a blog site devoted to presenting evidence on Harry Houdini and sharing my obsession with wanting to see the movie “The Grim Game”.

Purpose of this blog site:

  • Bring Harry Houdini and his movies to life so that we will all feel like we have seen them in their entirety with no parts missing.
  • Plan to present all the evidence and research gathered to date one blog at a time
  • Evidence and research will consist of Exhibits (ads, newspaper articles, press clippings, lobby stills, lobby cards, related links, blogs, posters, ebay, books, etc…)

I have the following suspects to thank for re-sparking my interest in Harry Houdini in 2011 and giving me the inspiration to create this blog site.

  • Spouse: For buying new living room furniture and suggesting I display some of my Houdini books stored in boxes in the garage on one of the shelves of the new entertainment center.  Little did she know, what that would lead too. She has been my biggest supporter.
  • Daughter:  For using her interior decorating skills and displaying some of my old Houdini books and a Houdini photo album in our living room.  My favorite picture in the album is an 11×14 inch picture of Houdini from the Grim Game that I acquired in the late 70s from an antique store.
  • Son:  For supporting me turning his old room into a Houdini Room with a wall devoted to the Grim Game and for encouraging and showing me how to create a blog site.
  • Father-In-Law: For having been a history teacher with a library of books that included American Heritage April 1972 – Houdini’s High-flying Hoax by Art Ronnie that I came across while going through his personal effects.  Note: What are the odds that the article in the book just happen to be regarding an incident from the Grim Game.
  • Kevin: For his website which includes an inspirational article on collecting Houdini, items from his extensive personal collection, and a on-line store of Houdini and Magic goodies. One of my first of many Houdini fixes from Kevin included purchasing a photo of Ann Forrest and Houdini from the Grim Game.  Highly recommend his site.
  • Sparky: For listing Houdini items on the Magic Castle Auctions web-page and for his website specializing in Houdiniana. Highly recommend his site.
  • John: For his website on the lastest Harry Houdini news and his articles on the Grim Game. Highly recommend his site.

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