3 Grim Game Video Clips with the new piano music

ggtcmTCM airings of The Grim Game on October 18th is rapidly approaching.

The first airing at 8:00 PM (ET) will be the Brane Zivkovic score and the second airing at 11:45 PM (ET) will be the new score by Steve Sterner.

Steve’s score is an original piano score that he recorded in August.

TCM has posted 3 videos of restored Grim Game clips with the new piano music:3 Videos with new Piano ScoreClick the link below to watch the videos.


A big thanks to Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz for sharing this news.


7 thoughts on “3 Grim Game Video Clips with the new piano music

  1. Great stuff Joe! Thank you for posting this! Now I know who the guy with the straw hat and hook nose is and why he’s smiling at HH’s predicament in the above photo. He wants Ann Forest. I’d be smirking too if my competitor was put away behind bars.

    HH exudes charisma on the screen.

    • LoL! HH definitely has charisma in TGG. After watching the clips, you can now say that you have seen 10 minutes and 25 seconds of TGG. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts after the airings on October 18th.

  2. Yes! I finally caught 10 minutes and 25 seconds of the GG. My life is almost complete. HH has this aura about him, a confident swagger, that radiates from my little computer screen. The way he jumped up and hid from the security guard on the top of the archway was Buster Keaton like.

    Which piano score did we hear in these clips? Steve or Brane’s?

  3. Thank you D & D! It appears TMC will air with Steve’s score and use Brane’s for the encore presentation. Or is it the other way around?

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