New Grim Game Glass Slides and DVD info

imageI recently did a post, 3 video Grim Game Clips with new piano music, that had a link to Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Videos for The Grim Game Webpage:

If you click on the same link above, you will find they have made some additions which include a couple of glass slides for the film.

Glass slides were used by many theaters to promote coming attractions during slide shows between coming screenings.

You can also vote for The Grim Game to be released on DVD.image

8 thoughts on “New Grim Game Glass Slides and DVD info

  1. My vote is in Joe! Almost time for the GG on Sunday. I’ve been saving my last packet of microwavable popcorn for this event. Chocolate pudding to be served at my private one man party after the movie.

  2. What is this voting nonsense? i’d just presumed that Grim Game was destined for massive and wide release on home video, and now they’re asking us to “vote for it to be released”??? i’m shocked and appalled. (though i remain very fond of your website, Joe)

    • Not sure myself. They claim to routinely send your votes to major House Video distributers responsible for releasing Classic movies on to DVD. Gotta believe one way or another a DVD will be released, eventually.
      And thanks for being a fan.

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