Tonight, TCM welcomes Houdini and “The Grim Game” to Television!

“The Grim Game” makes its Television debut tonight on TCM:

TCM TGG on TV Oct 18

Originally, The Grim Game made its debut at the B.S. Moss Broadway Theatre on August 25th, 1919.  Below is the front and back of a program from the opening:


I hope everyone enjoys the restored 1919 thriller that will keep you guessing from start to finish.  The question is –who did it?  Watch as the screen unfolds the secret!


7 thoughts on “Tonight, TCM welcomes Houdini and “The Grim Game” to Television!

  1. Allison was the owner of the paper? I also agree that the score was too repetitive and need another motif to beef up the two we kept hearing over and over. One motif represented the lighter side and the other was darker, melodramatic.

    The quality of the film during the wood cabin scenes took a serious beating. I assumed the restoration would clean that up, but expected too much. I enjoyed it but the notion that this film was a vehicle to showcase HH never left my mind. Films that are made around personalities seem like that to me.

    • Yes, Allison is the owner of The Call newspaper. It will be interesting to hear what the critics say about the piano score. I would love to hear the original music from 1919. Music aside, I hope everyone enjoyed Houdini’s performance in his finest film.

  2. Houdini’s appearance at B.S. Moss’ Broadway Theater on August 25th is not recorded in Koval’s Research Diary. I penciled it in my copy.

    According to Koval, a private screening was held on August 18th for a few of his friends at the Lasky Famous Players Offices at 485 Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C. I wonder what they did for music. A musician in the office on an upright piano?

    • LoL! It’s funny you mention the private screening. Earlier this month, I thought about doing a post on it and the Lasky Offices in NYC. I may still do one later in the year.

  3. Looking forward to that Joe! Honestly, don’t you think it’s a bit weird to be sitting in that office watching the GG without sound?

    I didn’t know until recently that the first sound films were silent films played in tandem with a record. Soundtrack on film didn’t arrive till a bit later. The projectionist would start the film and quickly put the needle down on the disk. My hands would be shaking.

    • A theater projectionist, what a cool job. As far as sound, can only imagine HH commentary especially during the aeroplane scene.
      I wonder what they did for sound when Larry Weeks used to screen it.

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