Reuel Meditz conducts a Live Score for Harry Houdini’s Film

11222190_1020121138031971_6088671548215331512_nSounds like Reuel Meditz had a fun night Sunday, July 19th, performing at the Paramount Stateside Theater in Austin for the Houdini film, “The Grim Game” during its first Texas premiere.

11059984_10205794789123594_1431327149334424925_nAccording to Reuel Meditz on social media, it was an honor to see his name on the marquee sign in front of the Paramount State Theater and be part of this historical project.
11745533_1020120958031989_5983325864792573526_nIt was a very enthusiastic audience and Reuel had a blast playing for everyone.

11182153_1020121174698634_4022622326252209363_nAfter his live piano performance, Reuel answered questions.

According to social media, it was an “amazing score” and “great night”.


7 thoughts on “Reuel Meditz conducts a Live Score for Harry Houdini’s Film

    • Sounds like Arthur scored! He is one of a select few that got to hear Brane Zivkovic’s live score in Hollywood and Reuel Meditz’s live score in Austin.

  1. That picture of Houdini on screen in the familiar chained pose becomes breathtaking with the rows of seats and the piano underneath it. Wish we could compare both scores. Very cool post, Joe!

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