Chef Houdini Recipes

In honor of Chef Gene, a fellow Houdini nut, who just got married, I thought I would do a post on Houdini recipes.

The first two recipes are courtesy of Houdini’s niece, Marie H. Blood:

  • Houdini’s Chicken Paprika:

  • Houdini’s Bread Pudding:

The last two recipes come from a couple vintage cookbooks I recently purchased.

  • Celebrated Actor-Folks’ Cookeries: A Collection of The Favorite Foods of Famous Players (1916), where Houdini has a recipe for “Bread-and-Butter Custard”:

  • The Stag Cook Book: A Man’s Cook Book for Men (1922), where Houdini has a recipe for “Scalloped Mushrooms and Deviled Eggs”:

Congrats Gene and Kirwan!  Hope you enjoy the recipes and the cookbooks.

3 thoughts on “Chef Houdini Recipes

  1. Yes, congrats Gene and Kirwan! And great seeing you last night, Joe. And Patrick.

    While I suspect Houdini simply put his name to the recipes in the cookbooks, the two Marie recipes really are dishes Harry and Bessie ate. I believe Marie even helped Bess makes these and that’s how she came to have these recipes.

    BTW, I’ve been making something almost exactly like Houdini’s Chicken Paprika for years. I call it “Zen Chicken.” I thought I have invented it until I saw Marie’s recipe. Believe…

  2. I printed out these recipes and thanks to Joe now have them on paper ready to go when the right moment arrives. I though the bing cherries were cooked into the bread pudding but now see they were added on top as garnish.

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