3 New HoudiniOpoly pawns announced

Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz of the Houdini Museum in Scranton have revealed three more pawn pieces for their upcoming HoudiniOpoly board game:
A Playing Card Pawn, a Trunk and a Plastic Gold Coin.
To go with:
Houdini’s Beer Barrel, Houdini’s Milk Can Escape, and a Hypnotic Eye.
Their kickstarter project ends in  3 days but turns out they keep it up for 2 weeks or more.  So there may still be time to participate at one of the following links below:

One thought on “3 New HoudiniOpoly pawns announced

  1. Thanks again Joe;
    The KickStarter page is now frozen, which is what KickStarter does the very second the project ends which was March 9. All current news can be found at http://houdiniopoly.com which now has actual pictures of the 12 pawns. We will have 13, more than needed to play the game. Shown there are the two dogs, Charlie and Bobby; tiny mini handcuffs (represent the ones Houdini escaped from, or the mini Bobby cuffs stolen from Larry Weeks); an elephant; a yet smaller barrel; a mini top hat. A robot will be added but they will not arrive until May, (waiting?), so do not want to put up pictures until we have them in our hands for sure. We have a back up, just in case! All these pawns, which will be mailed separate, will only be sent to buyers of HoudiniOpoly who back the game before it is manufactured. There is a link on the site with a Paypal link to advance order the game to get in on this. The final boxed set will not include them. Once the set is manufactured, any games sold that are left over, will have to buy the added pawns for $20 if they wish. They are now included free.
    Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz
    The Houdini Museum, Scranton, PA
    The Only Building in the World Dedicated to Houdini

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