2012 – An Amazing Year for HHCE

2012 was an amazing year for Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence (HHCE) for a number of reasons:

Got to see most of the Grim Game and its exciting escape sequences at the Margaret Herrick Library:

Discovered some amazing Grim Game advertisements:

Got to meet some Houdini icons (Subject Matter Experts) in person:


  • John Cox

  • Arthur Moses

HHCE had the most Grim Game links on Facebook:

Got mentioned numerous times by John Cox at his Wild About Harry blog:

Got mentioned by Kevin Connolly at his Houdini Himself blog:

And last but not least, HHCE acquired a number of amazing ads, brochures, and cards from the Grim Game.

In a couple of days (i.e., January 1st, 2013), I will post plans for HHCE in 2013.

Still 298-7 Lock Him In The Strongest Cell!

This photo (Still 298-7) is one of 5 photos that appeared in a 1920 Cinema Chat Ad for The Grim Game. It is also the image that was used to make the following 11×14 lobby card which one sold for $956 at 2010 November Beverly Hills Movie Poster Auction #7029.

So what is going on in this photo?  The description for the lobby card at auction read as follows:

Harry Houdini is manacled and about to be thrown in “the strongest cell.” But everyone who followed the top escapologist career, knew what was coming next! Note that Houdini, ever the alert showman has pulled his coat sleeves up to reveal the cuffs clearly and visibly outlined against his bare skin, so as to preclude any “trickery.” This is exactly as he performed it many times on stages throughout the world.

Is Arthur Hoyt or Tully Marshall the Houdini/Bacon Bridge?

The bacon number for Houdini can be calculated by typing: “bacon number houdini” in Google.

In September, iTricks posted that Harry Houdini’s Bacon number is 4 and that the Houdini/Bacon bridge was Arthur Hoyt:

  1. Harry Houdini and Arthur Hoyt appeared in The Grim Game.
  2. Arthur Hoyt and Harry Holman appeared in The Meanest Gal in Town.
  3. Harry Holman and Frances Lee McCain appeared in Phantom Thunderbolt.
  4. Frances Lee McCain and Kevin Bacon appeared in Footloose.

Note: Author Hoyt played Dr. Tyson in The Grim Game.

Three months later, Harry Houdini’s Bacon number is still 4, but the Houdini/Bacon bridge is now Tully Marshall according to Google:

  1. Harry Houdini and Tully Marshall appeared in The Grim Game.
  2. Tully Marshall and Fay Wray appeared in Thunderbolt.
  3. Fay Wray and Matt Dillon appeared in Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen’s.
  4. Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon appeared in Loverboy.

Note: Tully Marshall played Richard Raver in The Grim Game.

Any way you look at it, The Grim Game is the bridge between Houdini and Kevin Bacon.

I also want to give a shout out to Kevin Connolly and John Cox/iTricks for the following related Houdini/Bacon posts:

Still 298-4 Trying to wash hands in the basin

This photo (Still 298-4) is one of 5 photos that appeared in a 1920 Cinema Chat Ad for The Grim Game.

So what is going on in this photo?

Minus his hat with a mussed appearance, Harvey Hanford [Harry Houdini] confronts his land-lady and then goes up the stairs in a weak-kneed, sneaking manner.

Harvey Hanford enters his room which is the first door at head of stairs and he goes to the wash stand.

Mrs. Gates [landlady] tiptoes up the stairs and peaks thru keyhole and sees Harvey trying to wash his hands in the basin; she notices that his hands and shirt cuffs are stained.

[Scenes 162-168 paraphrased from Paramount Script]