Second Prison Cell and Barrel Mystery Poster

We are very familiar with the above Prison Cell and Barrel Mystery Poster, which can be found in many Houdini books.

I recently just read a 2011 post that John Cox at Wild About Houdini did on the lost posters of Harry Houdini that referenced a 2010 post that Dean Carnegie did on the Prison Cell & Barrel Mystery

Both posts included the above photo of a Houdini theater display in Salem, Massachusetts, and commented about the poster on the right behind the packing crate possibly being a second Prison Cell and Barrel Mystery poster.  Well, I knew I had seen a frontal image of that poster in a photograph when I visited Fred Pittella’s Houdini & Escapes museum during my special visit to NY in 2015.  And that is absolutely a second Prison Cell and Barrel Mystery Poster.  Below are two images I took during my visit that Fred has given permission to share.

Special Thanks to Fred Pittella

6 thoughts on “Second Prison Cell and Barrel Mystery Poster

  1. OMG!!!! There it is! It’s driven me crazy that I’ve never seen a better image of that second poster. Sensational. Now just to see it in color.

    Thanks Joe and Fred.

    • Unlike the other posters in the Mass. Lobby, not so sure one of these survives, but who knows, hopefully someday this poster does surface and we do get to see it in color.

  2. Great catch Joe! And a big thanks to Fred! That barrel poster on the right wall in the Mass. lobby is so hard to see.

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