October 1954 releases (programs) of Houdini

Houdini was first released July 1953 in the United States. In October 1954, “Houdini” starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, was released in Denmark and Austria.

Below is a Danish Program from my personal collection:

Joe M. Notaro Collection

Joe M. Notaro Collection

Joe M. Notaro Collection

Joe M. Notaro Collection

To be continued next week with another program from my collection.


Houdini the Grim Game Glass Movie Slides

Congrats to the winner of this beautiful slide that just sold for $846.99 on eBay:

A similar slide sold for $2,350.00 on 10/11/2015:

Back in the day you could get this slide as part of a set of four for sixty cents:

Image from 1919 Grim Game PressBook

Today that set would cost you a tad bit more. Below are some sale prices/dates and color images of the other three slides from the set that sold at auction:

6/16/2015 $161.00

4/10/2016 $232.00

8/2/2015 $950.00

6/16/2015 $611.00

The Spectacular Release From the Cannon Wheel

To kick off October, thought I would share a Pharmaceutical Calendar Ad from 1977, I recently acquired about The Spectacular Release From The Canon Wheel:
According to Houdini, the success of this feat relied more on show than actual skill. Audiences were thrilled by the scale of the cannon wheel which was quite simple to escape from compared to the smaller, less imposing farm wheel which, in reality, presented a greater challenge.

The cannon wheel release required that Houdini be bound “spread eagle” fashion to the big wheel. His wrists, ankles and neck were lashed to the spokes with ropes, the ends of which were fastened around the rim. His waist was held by another rope that was tied to the center of the wheel.

[It then goes on to explain in detail how he escaped]

Note: October is number 5 (DM-73305) from a series of 6 (DM-73301 to DM-73306). I also have number 1 (Jun), number 2 (Jul) and number 4 (Sep) from the series which I previously posted:

John Cox at Wild About Houdini has number 3 (Aug) from 1977 which he recently posted:

I would love to find the last one of the series, number 6.

Premier of The Man from Beyond

Press and Sun Bulletin Mar 24 1922

Beginning Sunday Eve, April 2, Houdini premiers in person and on the screen in “The Man From Beyond” at Times Square.

New York Times Sun Mar 26 1922

Below is a bi-fold program for the premiere of Houdini’s movie “The Man From Beyond” that I recently acquired:

Joe M. Notaro Collection

And the following are some reviews:

New York Tribune Mon Apr 3 1922


The New York Times Tues Apr 4 1922


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Silent Film Cards – What do these Ladies have in common?

Joe M. Notaro Collection

They each starred with Harry Houdini in one of his two-pictures under the Paramount-Artcraft banner. Ann Forrest in the Grim Game (1919) and Lila Lee in Terror Island (1920)

Joe M. Notaro Collection

They were together in Paramount-Artcraft’s The Prince Chap (1920)

And they were card 11 and card 17 of the 20 card Spanish Silent Movie Card Set (Series VII) from the 1920s. Harry Houdini was card 20.

Joe M. Notaro Collection


Terror Island at the Regent plus more

I recently acquired this Philadelphia newspaper dated April 18, 1920 advertising Houdini (on film) at the Regent.

The Regent was one of the first theatres to show Terror Island, charge ten cents, and feature a mammoth pipe organ.

The earliest theatre to show Terror Island that I could find was an exclusive first-run at Boston Massachusetts Modern and Beacon theatres,

Sunday April 11, 1920

Friday April 16, 1920


followed by Burlington Vermont Majestic, Alexandria Louisiana Saengers Strand, and Waco Texas Rex on Sunday April 18th

and then Philadelphia Pennsylvania Regent.

The below image of Houdini (on film) depicted in the newspaper is missing from footage available today.

It is from Part 3 of one of the missing reels from Terror Island. To find out what your missing, check out the following posts:

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