Janet Leigh Straitjacket Photos on eBay

img_0184These photos are currently available on eBay as a buy it now for $14.99 plus $4.50 shipping:

img_0176 img_0177

Four years ago, I was fortunate enough to see all of the Special Collection Photographs for Paramount’s 1953 Movie “Houdini” (starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh) at the Margaret Herrick Library.  These included similar photographs from the Janet Leigh Collection, but different than those offered on eBay.

There are also some similarly priced eBay photographs of Tony Curtis in a milk can that I haven’t seen before:

img_0180 img_0179 img_0178


2 thoughts on “Janet Leigh Straitjacket Photos on eBay

  1. I was so lucky to know Janet when I produced the re-edit of Touch of Evil.
    I spent so much time and we went to NYC/ France and Canada to promote the film,
    It was a sad loss and I at her memorial service after she passed. She made a special list of who she wanted to attend and I was honored to be there.

    • Lucky indeed! Wish I could say that I knew her personally. She definitely made some memorable movies like Houdini, Touch of Evil, and Psycho. Thanks for sharing.

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