Terror Island Part 3 (4 of 4) – Stills 4, 5

Here is the fourth of four installments, where I share stills and describe the scenes in chronological order from Part 3 which is missing from the current version of Terror Island.  This post begins where the previous installment left off.

Beverly is worried having not received an answer to her call.

Harper drawing himself up painfully, by aid of desk, gains his feet. Sato staggers in from kitchen.  He explains how he was overpowered.  Starkey staggers in and falls.

Harper says:  “Miss West do you think she is safe?”

The phone is found to be disconnected.

318-4 wmc


Harper sees smashed model.  He goes to the fireplace and sits in easy chair.  The cat jumps on his lap.

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Starkey fixes phone.

Harper looks in direction of Starkey – smiles – takes box from cat’s neck – glances at it – then let eyes turn upward as he thinks of Beverly.

Beverly answers phone as she hears the voice of Starkey on the other end. FADEOUT

Outwitted in his efforts to secure the map, Guy Mordaunt turns his attention to Harper’s submarine, hoping to block the inventor.

The next day, Harper, Starkey and Beverly are in the dining room and Harper hands Beverly the jewel-box.

Sato and the Watchman enter the dining room and the Watchman says: “Somebody knocked me cold and put the sub out of commission – all of the gauges are smashed.”

Harper jumps to his feet, Beverly rises. Starkey gets up.  All show excitement as they prepare to depart.

End of Part 3.


  • Cropped Stills – Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.)
  • Paraphrased Scenes – Paramount Files at Margaret Herrick Library

2 thoughts on “Terror Island Part 3 (4 of 4) – Stills 4, 5

  1. This is great and important work. So I understand it, these scenes are what’s contained on the missing Reel 3. Reel 4 then contains the escapes and embarking to the island.

    • Thanks John and yes that’s my understanding. I sure hope a complete original print that includes the missing reels 3 and 4 shows up and can be restored, otherwise this may be as close as we get to seeing Terror Island in its entirety.

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