Terror Island Part 3 (3 of 4) – Stills 17, 18, 15

Here is the third of four installments, where I share stills and describe the scenes in chronological order from Part 3 which is missing from the current version of Terror Island.  This post begins where the previous installment left off.

318-17 wmc


The two sailors rush forward.  Guy and two more sailors enter.  All begin a search of the desk and surroundings. Guy kneels beside Harper and searches his pockets, throwing a bunch of keys on desk which he takes from pockets.

318-18 wmc


The Japanese Assistant disables phone.

Guy reaches into basket and lifts out cat – holds cat by the neck while he empties contents of the basket – then tosses cat from him.  He is unable to find the box.

Guy looking down at Harper with angry, vengeful expression – leans forward as if to vent his wrath on the unconscious man.  Suddenly he straightens – picks bunch of keys and turns toward model.

318-15 wmc


Guy goes toward model in angry mood – picks up hammer and smashes model.  Guy and Sailors exit.


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  • Paraphrased Scenes – Paramount Files at Margaret Herrick Library

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