Terror Island Part 3 (2 of 4) – Stills 14, 19, 20, 16

Here is the second of four installments, where I share stills and describe the scenes in chronological order from Part 3 which is missing from the current version of Terror Island.  This post begins where the previous installment left off.

Sato, Harper’s Japanese Assistant opens the door and is confronted by Mordaunt’s Japanese Assistant.

As Starkey exits, one of two sailors that slipped along the wall fells Starkey with blackjack.  He crumbles on the steps.

318-14 wmc


Harper slowly rises to his feet, revolver in hand.  With left hand he motions over shoulder and calls “Sato!”

Mordaunt’s Japanese Assistant is seen bending over Sato, who has been rendered unconscious. We then see  Mordaunt’s Japanese Assistant pick up a heavy steel from table and exit toward where Harper is.

318-19 wmc


Without looking around, Harper motions, who he thinks is Sato, to come forward.  The Mordaunt’s Japanese Assistant comes quickly and silently behind him and raises steel.  At the same time, the faces of the two sailors appear in hall door.  Harper raises revolver.

318-20 wmc


The sailors are slowly raising their hands at a command from Harper.  Their eyes are staring as they watch the Japanese Assistant behind him.  By their faces, one sees the blow has fallen.

318-16 wmc


The Mordaunt’s Japanese Assistant stands over Harper, ready for another blow, but Harper is unconscious.


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