Terror Island Part 3 (1 of 4) – Stills 9, 7, 1, 3, 8, 10, 6

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As promised in a previous post, here is the first of four installments, where I share stills and describe the scenes in chronological order from Part 3 which is missing from the current version of Terror Island. This post begins where Part 2 ends on Kino; Part 2 ended with Beverly giving Harper[Houdini] the box with the pearl in it. “My uncles coming! Keep this for me!”

One of Guy Mordaunt’s men “saw the dame slip the box to that scrappy guy”.

We see a close-up of the pearl in jewel box, held in Harper’s hand and Guy crouching outside the window of the Library

Stella has a plan to get the jewel-box from Harper.

318-9 wmc


Harper rises as Stella enters.

Stella speaks: “My Cousin West, is terribly worried about her jewel – a keepsake, you know – and she sent me for it – just couldn’t sleep without it.“

Harper is about to hand her the box when he looks down beside desk as though attracted by a sound.

A cat on floor looks up at desk.  Harper speaks to cat, stoops and picks her up, placing her on the desk and strokes her back.

318-7 wmc


Harper is praising the cat, as Stella holds hand out for jewel.  The phone rings; Harper sits and places cat on lap and picks up phone.  It is Beverly on the phone who says: “I am a bit nervous and – worried. I know my jewel case is safe with you – but don’t let it out of your hands”

Harper hangs up, as Stella demands the jewel case.  Harper says: “Tell your cousin that I will give it to no one but herself.”

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As Harper is stroking cat on lap, his hand comes from jacket pocket and secretly fastens box to cat’s collar by a rubber band which the long hair of the cat covers.

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Stella demands the box and Harper shakes his head.

318-8 wmc


As Harper sits at desk stroking cat, Starkey comes from behind chair

318-10 wmc


and indicates he will take Stella home.

318-6 wmc


Stella and Starkey exit.


  • Cropped Stills – Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.)
  • Paraphrased Scenes – Paramount Files at Margaret Herrick Library

6 thoughts on “Terror Island Part 3 (1 of 4) – Stills 9, 7, 1, 3, 8, 10, 6

  1. I love it. Thanks. So what’s with her open dress? I take it that’s where she’s hiding her knife and she pulls it open to retrieve it?

    This is an awesome series. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • Thanks John!
      WRT the dress, Stella (thinking there are no witnesses) is trying to make it look like Houdini attacked her and she plans to scream for help and disgrace him unless he hands over the box, but there was a witness (Starkey), so she loses.

  2. Great stuff Joe! If Terror Island is transferred to a Viewmaster wheel, the deleted scenes photos could conceivably complete the film.

    • LoL! At one point, before it was restored, I thought about doing Viewmaster wheels with stills to complete the story of The Grim Game, so why not Terror Island.

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