Terror Island Parts 3 and 4 according to Kino

Terror Island Parts 3 and 4 according to Kino:

terror-card-disclaimer-477x300Below is Kino’s brief explanatory text for Parts 3 and 4 which are considered missing:

TI Part 3A Kino TextTI Part 3B Kino TextTI Part 3C Kino Text

The reality is Kino’s brief explanatory text only covers Part 4 and not Part 3.

In future posts (i.e. four installments), I will share Stills from Part 3 and describe the scenes that lead up to Part 4.


10 thoughts on “Terror Island Parts 3 and 4 according to Kino

  1. He said he had both lost films are found other and now they are lost. If ever found from who stole them NYU Special Collection would like to inspect them.He told me about these film in September before he passed.

    • What a shame that these treasures were stolen. Let’s hope that the NYU Special Collection gets a chance to inspect them. While I have seen a complete Master Mystery, I really would like to see a complete Terror Island, as well as other never before seen Houdini footage that Larry may have had. I wonder if Larry had the complete Realart re-release print (The Library of Congress print) or the complete Paramount-Artcraft original 1920 print of Terror Island.

  2. I am still so glad we found The Grm Game since that would have been lost too!
    What worries me is that if not stored or handled right by the thief that these may be lost forever.

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