Houdini’s Father can be found in Scranton

Houdini Museum Scranton 924 cropped

Above is an amazing framed photo of Harry Houdini’s father that I got to see in person during my special visit with my friends Dorothy Dietrich (foreground) and Dick Brookz (background) at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA.

Houdini Museum Scranton 925 cropped

This picture of his father, along with the one of his mother (pictured above) hung on the wall of Houdini’s New York home at 278 West 113th Street in Harlem.

H A P P Y  F A T H E R ‘ S  D A Y !

2 thoughts on “Houdini’s Father can be found in Scranton

  1. Thank you for the Fathers Day tribute.
    We spent some time with the family visiting.
    They love Houdini but none in the family is a magician.
    We wish they were so they could carry on this great venue we have created, the only building in the world dedicated to Houdini, The Houdini Museum.
    Dorothy Dietrich and myself have “fathered” two successful magic show spots as we work our way through the wonderful field of magic.

    When we left NYC and our Magic Towne House, which was the first magic venue to run continuously in New York City, a dream of Thurston, Houdini, Henning, Copperfield, and others, several of those we mentored in NYC at the venue, which ran for 15 years, including Michael Chaut and Peter Samelson along with others like Frank Brents, Jamie Ian Swiss and Todd Robbins carried on that dream with their excellent and in some ways different venue Monday Night Magic. It has now been running for some 20 years.

    Our two venues and other projects, traveling shows, Houdini exhibits, TV shows, etc., have served us well, and we have tried to promote interest and excitement to the field of magic to the general public.

    Thanks to all who have helped and supported us over the years.

    Dick Brookz and Dorothy Dietrich

    • The Houdini Museum venue you guys have “fathered” is definitely something to be proud of and needs to be carried on just like the dream of the Magic Town House. Thank You D&D for all that you do to promote Houdini and magic.

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