24-Sheet Grim Game Poster found in Australia

Here is an incredible photograph found in the June 5th, 1920 Moving Picture World magazine that shows a 24-Sheet Grim Game Poster on a stand at the Broadway of Leichart, New South Wales:

GG 24 sheet Moving Picture World p 1327 June 5 1920


4 thoughts on “24-Sheet Grim Game Poster found in Australia

  1. Joe–I thought you meant it was recently found in some attic or warehouse Down Under!

    That thing is huge! Big enough to share half with a soap ad.

    • I wish it was recently found.
      It was part of an article on How Australia Uses Paper to Build Up Big Business. “Ordinarily the stand runs for a split week, but the photograph shows the entire space taken for a three day showing, using two 24-sheets and a three for the current show and four ones for coming attractions.”
      Apparently, it was changed at a cost of $18.36 which includes the original cost of the paper and the import duty.

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