Harry is 1 Year older today!


TI Lobby Card of 318-24 Still

“Happy Birthday Harry! Care to make a wish?”

Note: This very rare image is of an escape that is missing from the existing footage of Houdini’s “Terror Island” movie.

6 thoughts on “Harry is 1 Year older today!

    • Thanks Leo! I am aware of four stills (318-22 to 318-25) from this escape. The one on page 211 in “The Untold Story” is still 318-25. And the one above (from the press book) is a lobby card of still 318-24. All four images can be found in book one of “Houdini Unlocked” on pages 133 to 136.
      At a later date I will attempt to describe in some detail the scenes of this escape from part 4 that are missing from the existing footage.

    • I know what each scene looks like in writing, which may be the best we are going to get as far as seeing this escape scene and other missing parts.

  1. Culliton’s Unlocked set is fetching large sums as at auctions. $800 price tags have kept me at bay from this set of books.

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