Houdini Relaxes on Set with Marguerite Marsh Not

The image above is the front and back of card #38 from Houdini: The World’s First Superhero” cards. And once again the image on the right (back of card) is
misidentified.  But instead of misidentifying the actress as Gloria Swanson like William Kalush and Larry Sloman did on page 360 of their book, The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of Americas First Super Hero; the card misidentifies the actress as Marguerite Marsh.  Close, but no cigar.  The actress is not Gloria Swanson or Marguerite Marsh, but Ann Forrest (Houdini’s co-star) from the Grim Game.  Houdini did spend time with Gloria Swanson on the Lasky set, but was never in a movie with her.  See my blog Harry gets cozy with a young Gloria Swanson (and Ann Forrest) at Lasky Studios.  Houdini also cozied up with Margaret Marsh when he made the serial The Master Mystery. As the card above points out, Margaret Marsh played Eva Brent, the imperiled damsel in distress in the Master Mystery.

Houdini cozies up to Marguerite Marsh in The Master Mystery


3 thoughts on “Houdini Relaxes on Set with Marguerite Marsh Not

  1. Houdini’s leading ladies are always getting misidentified, aren’t they? The Kalush book also misidentifies Rosemary Theby as Nita Naldi AND gets the movie wrong. Wish they run these by us. Heck, I used that pic of Ann and Harry in my “Leading Ladies” profile of Ann Forest.

    • I hear ya. However, I am surprised they didn’t run it by Dorothy and Dick at the Houdini Museum as one of the partners with the publishing company on this project.

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