Aeroplane Sketches

The following original art work sold at the Manuscript and Collectibles Auction in November 5, 2005:

(Houdini) Original Art Work. Pencil and Ink Sketch, 20″x12½”, Signed by the artist: “R.B. Ogle / 1920.” The scene shows a frightened Houdini dangling by a rope from one bi-plane as it crashes with a second plane. This scene actually occurred while Houdini was filming The Grim Game. The legend below the sketch, with the title “Exploits of Houdini,” quotes Houdini: “…I was dangling from the rope end ready for the leap. Suddenly a strong wind turned the lower plane upwards, the two machines crashed together – nearly amputating my limbs – the propellors locked in a deadly embrace, and we were spun round and round….” This scene could possible have been drawn for a lobby card to be exhibited in the theater. In any event, it is intriguing.  Realized:  $1265

(Houdini) Art Work From The Master of Mystery. Pencil and Ink Sketch, 10¾”x14½” of Houdini looking over the side of a biplane assessing his next action as the pilot watches., c. 1919. Lower border identifies the scene as being from “‘The Master of Mystery (7th instal. p. 4.)” “Kinema Comic” is stamped in the lower left border, and some measurements are marked on the sketch, which is mounted to board. R.B. Ogle is identified as the artist on the back. The art work was probably for a lobby card.  Realized:  $575

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