S.A.M. Collectible Card and Houdini Commemorative Stamp

SAM Collectible Card front

In July of 2002, the Society celebrated its Centennial Year in New York City and issued a collectible Houdini Card.  The back of the card reads as follows:

The man who would become “Houdini” was born in Budapest, Hungary, and immigrated to Appleton, Wisconsin as an infant.  He later moved to New York. Early on, he was inspired by Robert-Houdin books (he took his stage name from Houdin). He worked his way up as a Vaudeville entertainer.  His accomplishments included: highly successful overseas and American tours; crusades against spiritualists; developed and named the tenth branch of magic–“escapology”; starred as a movie actor and owned a movie company; and wrote many books and articles.  As National President (1917-1926), he promoted the S.A.M. and encouraged local clubs to affiliate.  He was elected to the S.A.M. Hall of Fame.


Also in July of 2002, on the 3rd, the US Postal Service issued a Houdini Commemorative Stamp during the Centennial Celebration.  The Houdini postage stamp contains a hidden image (4 chains wrapped around Houdini’s body) that can only be seen with a special stamp decoder the United States Postal Service sells.

HH stamp plus decoder image

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