Ann Forrest as described by Houdini

298-82 snippetSnippet of Still 298-82 from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

HOW HOUDINI DID IT. Ann Forrest, who has played the heroine in Houdini’s picture, “The Grim Game,” at the Pentridge since Thursday, is described by Houdini himself as “one of the prettiest girls on the screen.” She was born the Isle of Fan, just off the coast of Denmark, and received her education there. She is of a true Danish type, with masses of blonde hair, large blue eyes, and the complexion of a milkmaid. Houdini referring to the love scenes he played with Ann Forrest, pathetically complained that he could not “love” Ann Forrest with Mrs. Houdini as a spectator. After a consultation, Houdini solved the problem giving his wife a cheque to spend in the bazaars, whilst the love scenes were being filmed.

[ Burnley News Saturday 20 November 1920]

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  1. Silverman had this to say when HH was shooting The Master Mystery:

    On the downside, Bess objected to his playing with younger actresses: “I guess the women folks do not like to see us around with others,” he reflected, “but it just cant be helped.”

    Probably explains why HH looks so apprehensive before kissing the leading ladies in his films. He probably saw Bess in his peripheral vision more than a few times.

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