1 day to go until premier of The Grim Game

At the Press Club, Houdini tells Dr. Tyson that he must order his uncle to the mountains for a month and Ethel as his nurse will accompany him.  His departure must be at night – secretly.  Ethel smiles with pleasure at the prospect without in the least knowing what it is all about.  Dick Raver, Clifton Allison, and Dr. Harvey Tyson are looking with inquiring expressions.  They fail to see the big scheme and are waiting for him to proceed.

Houdini tells them that he will create the impression that his uncle was murdered.  He will plant clues that will prove his guilt and then get arrested.  He will then reveal the hoax and prove the fallacy of conviction by circumstantial evidence.  The resultant publicity will be a scoop for his newspaper.

MHL PRINTS 008 298-9 snippetSnippet of Still 298-9 from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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