Harry gets cozy with the ladies at Lasky Studios

During the making of the Grim Game, Houdini has been photographed at Lasky Studios getting cozy with:

Gloria Swanson,

Houdini and Gloria Swanson Photo from Photoplay September 1919 p102

Ann Forrest,

Ann Forrest 10x8

and the young lady pictured below.

Guess Who I Am

Care to guess who that young lady is?  Next week, I will reveal who that is, along with a very rare photo of the Hollywood starlet being swept off her feet by Houdini at Lasky Studios. You won’t want to miss it.

17 thoughts on “Harry gets cozy with the ladies at Lasky Studios

    • Great guess. I believe Lila Lee and Gloria Swanson made a film together at Lasky studios around the same time that The Grim Game was being made. But I don’t think Harry got cozy with Lila Lee until the making of Terror Island in Catalina and Lila Lee was a brunette and our Hollywood Starlet is a blonde.

    • Another great guess. She has been associated with Houdini and appears to be a blonde, but I don’t believe she was at Lasky studios during the making of The Grim Game.

    • Another excellent guess! Mae Busch was definitely on the set of The Grim Game. She worked with Harry Houdini and played Ethel Delmead, a cabaret singer, selected for her beauty and winning personality to play the part of a nurse. However, she was not a blonde.

    • You are getting closer. Blanche Sweet definitely looks like our Hollywood starlet. They both were silent film stars and starred in number of Cecil B. DeMille films. Hint: Our blonde was the same height as Houdini. Blanche was taller.

    • Not Mae Murray. Our star was one of the biggest stars of the silent era and was receiving as much, if not more fan mail than Gloria Swanson, who was a superstar of that time.

    • Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner. Congratulations to Bill Mullins. Due to Wanda’s petite status, she billed herself as Wanda Petit for a brief period in her career. I will post the photo of her and Houdini later this week.

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