“The Master Mystery” Reissued By Hardeen?

Houdini Master Mystery Poster

John Cox at Wild About Houdini just posted an excellent blog: Gone With The Handcuff King: David O. Seiznick’s Houdini which talks about a Houdini biopic in the 1940s that Hardeen was on board with as the technical adviser.  Then, like so many Houdini biopics before, it vanished in a puff of smoke.

Hardeen was also going to reissue The Master Mystery:

Manny Baum and “Hardeen”, brother of the late Houdini, will reissue the 15-two-reel episode serial “The Master Mystery”, which starred Houdini, originally released in silent form by Octagon Films, Inc., 25 years ago.  The reissue film will contain a narration and musical background. [Motion Picture Daily Vol. 55 No. 41 Tuesday, February 29 1944]

Unfortunately, I think it vanished in a puff of smoke.

5 thoughts on ““The Master Mystery” Reissued By Hardeen?

    • I found image on Internet awhile ago. Just did a search again and found it listed as a poster at fantasma magic.

    • Thanks for sharing. It would have been amazing to see what projects Hardeen would have done if he lived longer; same goes for Houdini.

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