Today is Houdini’s Adopted Birthday

April 6th is Historical!

April 6th is Historical!

Houdini’s adoption of April 6th as his birthday will remain a mystery, although he explained in a letter [dated November 22, 1913] to his brother Theo that he would celebrate on April 6 because that was the day his mother acknowledged his birthday. It is interesting to note that by 1910 both Houdini and Bess knew with certainty that his actual birthday was on March 24.  While in Australia that year, Bess gave Houdini an engraved watch as a birthday present.


Ever Houdini Remembering In Complete Happiness



Not only was his birth date correct, but Bess employed a code in the dedication as well.  When you isolate the first letter of each word in the message, it spells out Harry’s real name E-H-R-I-C-H.


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