Part 1: Is this really how it went down?

Houdini Punch Image

Is this really how it went down?

Houdini is disturbed by three college students to whom he promised to give an interview for their paper. Although Houdini is extremely weary he manages to joke with them about his successful feats of strength, such as having had a 500 pound weight dropped on his stomach.  As the boys continue to question him, Houdini starts going through an accumulation of mail and only half-listening, he consents to let one of the husky boys take a punch at him.  The boy delivers a crushing blow to Houdini’s stomach and from the look of surprise and pain on his face they realize with alarm that Houdini was unprepared for the attack.  The boy apologizes, and Houdini, concealing his pain, assures him he’s all right.  The boys leave and Houdini, in agony, manages to stretch himself out.  [Dorothy Harrington]

Check back for the answer in my next post.

2 thoughts on “Part 1: Is this really how it went down?

  1. Dorothy Harrington?

    That certainly sounds like the old/original account of what happened. We’ve learned a lot since then.

    But I’ll let you tell me what happened. 🙂

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